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This has been asked by many people and so we have tried to provide the best answer possible.

In our negotiations with TriGlobal (the project developer) we have set a minimum boundary of 100 feet from the property line before the solar project would begin.  The panels themselves would need to be about 120 ft further East to avoid shade caused by trees. If you go to the church, you will find 3 sets of tarps in the woods trying to give an illustration of what would be seen. 

Where to go to see the tarps?

There are 4 suggested viewing locations.

  1. The cremation garden near the South side of the church. - What would be seen from the church?
  2. In the walled cemetery, near the North Wall.  - What would be seen from the cemetery in the wall?
  3. In the North Cemetery, near the Dobson or Stafford headstones  - What would be seen from the North Cemetery?
  4. In the North area from the Outdoor chapel - What would be seen from our Oyster Roast area?


What am I looking for?

  • In each set, the first marker is that of the property line which divides the tract of land the church and graveyard set on from the tract of land that is in timber and would be the location of the solar project.  This is where the buffer in the contract would begin. Everything between where you are standing and that first marker will be left as it currently is. This marker is the easiest one to see.
  • The second marker is marking the 100 foot mark where the buffer would end.  Generally, this to the left of the first and is much harder to see.
  • For the set that is placed near the outdoor chapel, there is a third tarp which marks the 200 foot point.  This gives an idea of where the buffer would end if we did a deeper buffer.

The tarps are large (at least 6*9, most larger) and hung high.

Most are blue.  The ones on near the outdoor chapel are silver.