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Here are our resources for the 2021 Parish Meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Sunday, January 31 at 2pm.  I know that we are disappointed not to be able to meet together as we have in the past for our Annual Meeting.  The pandemic has made us adjust many of our activities such as shopping for essentials, worshipping and communicating with friends. The vestry has worked to modify the annual meeting so that it will be as safe for everyone as possible.

We have four important topics for our meeting.

  • First, we need to elect a new class of vestry members.  The Nominating Committee has put forth a slate of candidates and you will find that information here.
  • Second, we need to hear a state of the parish report on what and how we are doing as a congregation.
  • Third, we need to approve the harvest of our second tract of timber.  There are background materials and a resolution here.  This is very similar to the harvest approval we gave in 2018 for one tract of our timber.
  • Fourth, we will consider the lease of a portion of our land for a solar power project.  The vestry has worked diligently to consider the benefits and the downside of this project. They have made multiple reports to you during the announcements on Sundays (vestry updates) as well as in the Acolyte. However, this will be the first time the congregation will consider this and view the actual details of the proposal. Here, you will find background material posted this past summer and here the resolution and additional background material.  Here, you will find statements from the vestry outlining their thoughts on this matter.  Additionally, an excellent, multifaceted study focused on this project was completed by environmental studies students at CNU.  That study is available here. I strongly encourage you to read the materials.  While you certainly may ask questions during the meeting, I encourage you to submit any questions to Wendy Every, parish administrator, by January 27 if you would like those answered during the presentation.

At our meeting on January 31 we will discuss all four of these matters. The first three will be decided at the meeting.   The vestry has called for a special meeting on February 21 at 2pm for the sole purpose of voting on the fourth issue, the solar power project.  At the January 31 meeting, we will listen to a presentation and to one another.  At the February 21 meeting, after we have listened, reflected, asked questions, and prayed, we will vote. If the weather forecast calls for greater than a 40% chance of rain, sleet or snow, the meetings will be postponed by one week (Jan 31 to Feb 7 at 2pm; Feb 21 to Feb 28 at 2pm). 

How the meeting is to be held

The meeting will be held in our parking lot using an FM radio signal – 107.3.  As you enter you will be given a packet of information by a person who has been vaccinated for Covid 19.  You will stay in your car for the meeting and vote by a show of ballots or by turning in a ballot.  All votes will require a simple majority for passage – unless another standard for passage is approved at the meeting itself.  If you wish to speak, you will come to the microphone.  While waiting to speak, all must be masked and spaced 6 feet apart. Our goal is that the risk to you in attending the meeting in this format is minimal.  This is essentially the same manner we gather for worship each Sunday morning at 7:45.

Who should attend

If you consider Abingdon your church home, you should attend.  The topics we will take up are all important in our common life of faith.  All “Adult Communicants in Good Standing” are eligible to vote in our Annual Meeting. This canonical term has several components and is meant to include those who have been active in the corporate life of the parish in the previous year. So that you have clarity about your eligibility to vote.  You should come prepared to vote in the Annual meeting if you can answer “yes” to all the following.

v   Are 16 years or older

v   Are registered in the parish. (If you are received a letter about the meeting, you probably are.)

v   Are baptized (at Abingdon or at any other church)

v   Have not taken up membership in another church via regular corporate worship or letter of transfer

v   Received the sacrament of Communion three times since Labor Day 2019. (This would normally be limited to the year 2020, but in light of the pandemic, this window is expanded to include the 4 months prior to 2020. We are relying upon you to make this determination.)

v   Have made a financial gift, of any amount, to the ministry of Abingdon in the year 2020. (If you are not sure if you have given, you can check with the church office in advance of the meeting.  The “courtesy statement” you should have received in mid-December might also be helpful.) When you arrive, you will be given materials for the meeting.  You will also be given your giving statement for 2020 to use in your tax records.  Your ballots will be with your giving statement.  

Even if you are not eligible to vote, I invite you to attend to listen and be involved in the life of your church family.

I look forward to seeing you.

In Christ,