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Meet the nominees

The Nominating Committee has discerned four individuals to serve on the vestry for terms beginning February 1, 2021 and ending January 31, 2023.  The nominating process began in November with a Nominating Committee comprised of the three most recent Senior Wardens. Monica Smith, the immediate past Senior Warden served as convener.  As part of the discernment process, the individuals had meetings with the Rector; a member of the Nominating Committee; Senior Warden Frank West; and a vestry member of their choice.  They also were invited to attend a vestry meeting.  These individuals know the responsibilities and expectations of being on the vestry.

While this slate comes to you with the endorsement of the Nominating Committee, any “confirmed adult communicant in good standing” of Abingdon may be nominated at the Parish Meeting.  Such individual would need to be present to accept the nomination, or submit a statement to rector prior to the meeting, before being added to the ballot.

The four individuals placed in nomination for three-year terms on your vestry are:


Christine Evans

A long-time member of Abingdon Church and a lifetime member of the Episcopal Church, I am anxious to contribute my skills and knowledge in service as a potential vestry member of this beautiful parish.

Ironically, I was born in the County of Gloucester, but one 3500 miles distant from my current home. Gloucester, England has guarded the crossing of the Severn River on the flat plain beneath the beautiful Cotswold Hills since pre-Roman times.

My husband, David and I left the United Kingdom in 1965 for what was initially planned to be a two-year California adventure as immigrants. We have lived in the US for 55 years resident successively in California, New York and Virginia. British by birth, our son Hugh and daughter, Rosemary arrived as babies and graduated from Gloucester High School. They were confirmed in Abingdon.        

Long time US citizens, we have enjoyed happy and full lives. I have taught school, as a reporter covered local events for newspapers, volunteered and led various non-profits, in community and church. We have been graciously welcomed and accepted. We value such kindness and the love of friends.

I am a devout Episcopalian and through long membership, a source of Abingdon’s corporate memory. I would like to serve on Abingdon’s vestry. Thank you for considering my request.

Sarah Haley

Originally from Pennsylvania, I have been living and working in Gloucester for about 24 years and have been worshiping at Abingdon for that same amount of time.  I am married to Scott Haley and we have raised two children, Jess and Sam.  Both of our children have been baptized and are members of  Abingdon Church.   I have served as a youth group leader, Sunday school teacher and have helped acolyte on occasion.  Now that our children are grown, I have more time and feel the calling to serve on the Vestry.  I welcome the opportunity to learn more about our church through hands on experiences and help aid        in the growth of Abingdon’s community outreach.

Pamela Reynolds

I am a relatively new member of Abingdon.  Wayne and I were married at Abingdon in March, 2018, but I didn’t attend regularly until I was no longer able to take my mother to Grace on Main, and finally joined Abingdon in August, 2019, after she passed.  Even before becoming a full member I’ve been involved at Abingdon in a variety of ways.  I was honored to serve as the facilitator of our Baptized for Life initiative in 2018, have volunteered at fundraisers, and I am a second-year student of the EFM program led by Jen Kimball and Marsha Gillis. Most recently I helped organize and run the 2020 Covid version of Abingdon’s Thanksgiving Community Dinner.

Abingdon quickly became home to me, and the members have become my family.  I would be honored to join our vestry to serve the church and congregation to the best of my ability.

Christopher Wilkins

I was born inSuffolk, England and raised in the Church of England at St Mary Magdalene in Debenham. A beautiful Church with foundations going back to the year 1086. I was a Chorister, Acolyte, Crucifer  and later as a Lay Minister person.

I moved to Virginia in 2007, and settled in Gloucester in 2013. Over the past 14 years I have been to several different churches but after attending Abingdon I have found my church home. I very much look forward to being on the vestry and serving and supporting the families, members, guests and parish.