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Lay and ordained leaders work together for the parish. Here are our lay leaders.

The Vestry

The vestry is elected by the congregation to provide pastoral, spiritual and financial leadership of the church in partnership with the rector. Members serve 3 year terms and meet monthly to carry out their work.

  • Class of 2020 - Barbara Allison Bryan, David Evans, Wayne Reynolds, Monica Smith

  • Class of 2021 - Warren Haley, Leann Shelton, Sharon Stone, Frank West
  • Class of 2022 -  Natalie Johnson, David Meeker,Tom Pachla, Winona Pearson


Duties of the vestry

In cooperation with the rector, the vestry:

  • Promotes the spiritual welfare of the parish;
  • Supports the programs of the church;
  • Manages parish property and its financial resources;
  • Reports to the bishop on the state of the parish;
  • Certifies candidates from the parish for ordination.

The vestry elects

  • The rector;
  • The wardens, registrar, and treasurer;
  • Delegates to Annual Council;
  • Delegates to Region 2 Council (the churches on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck);
  • Trustees of church property;
  • Representatives to various related boards (e.g. Cemetery Committee, Endowment Trustees, Arts at Abingdon).

The duties of the vestry, and their election, are discussed in the Canons of the Diocese http://www.thediocese.net/Customer-Content/WWW/CMS/files/CC_2015_English_v1.pdf 


Much of the work of the church is carried about by committees of the parish.  Commitees heads appointed by the rector (unless a charter dictates otherwise) and are responsible for recruiting and selecting committee members. 

Committee Chairs/Ministry Coordinators
Altar Guild: June James and Monica Smith

Arts at Abingdon: Richard Stearns

Bread Guild:  Barbara  Allison-Bryan

Buildings: Stuart  Pollock

Cemetery:  Rob Atkinson

Christian Formation: Carolyn Teclaw

Endowment: Richard Stearns

Finance: Steve Ormsby

Grounds: Lynne Manning

LEMs/Lectors 8:00: Keith Webb

LEMs/Lectors 10:30: Sharon Stone

Outreach: Diane Ormsby

Parish Life: Joanne Burruss

Pastoral Care: Sven vanBaars

Restoration: David L. Peebles

Stewardship: Vestry

Trustees: David L. Peebles;


Worship: Sven van Baars

Diocesan Delegate: Keith Webb; Linda Tjossem -alternate

Region 2 Delegate: Linda Tjossem; Keith Webb-alternate

2019 Parish Officers

Senior Warden - Monica Smith

Junior Warden - Leann Shelton

Registrar - Wendy Every

Treasurer - Hugh Bryan

Chancellor - David Meeker