Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Our Roots

Abingdon is an Episcopal Church and, thus, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  Our "Mother Church," the Anglican Church of England, has its roots in the Protestant Reformation and in ancient catholic traditions.

The word "Episcopal" is derived from the Greek word for "over-seer" or bishop. This means that we are united in a diocese overseen by a bishop.  As a congregation, we are all responsible for the oversight and operation of our church.   We are members of the Diocese of Virginia.  This large and diverse diocese includes northern Virginia, most of the Richmond area, as well as the rural communities to north of the York River and west of James City County.

In the Episcopal faith, we place a high priority on worship, Christian education, fellowship, and outreach.  Through worship, we seek to praise God.  By participating in Christian education for all ages, we seek to know and understand the teachings of Jesus and his will for our lives.  In outreach, we share Christ's love in our world.