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Handicapped Accessibility

Both our Church and Parish Hall are modified for handicapped accessibility. 

 The Church

Our church has an exterior ramp at the south wing that permits wheelchair use.   As you will see when you visit, our church pews are contained within raised pew box areas along the aisles of the church.  We have modified one of these with a ramp.  This pew box has had one church pew removed making it large enough to accommodate multiple wheelchairs.  The remaining pew is still in the box area so that family or friends may sit with folks that are wheelchair bound.  This pew box is located close to the altar and pulpit ensuring you will be fully involved in all activities of any service you attend.

The Parish Hall

At the Parish Hall, we ensure accessibility through the ramp at the east side of the building.  This ramp will bring you into the hallway that connects to the Great Hall that serves as the meeting place for the congregation at large.  From the Great Hall, you can gain access to all of our first floor classrooms and offices, the nursery, library, and handicap accessible restroom. However, there is no handicapped access to the second floor. Please phone ahead to have the door unlocked.