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Who can use the church & parish hall?

Our Church

We carefully review requests for use of our church because of the historical significance of the Abingdon building and the reverence we hold for it as a place of worship.  However, we do open our doors for many occasions and activities.   Examples of these types of activities are concerts, art and floral shows, and many other forms of community support activities. Please note that our historic church does not have restroom facilities.  These are located in the parish hall.

Our Parish Hall

Our Parish Hall doors are open for many community activities.  Examples of these activities are Bible Study, Banquets, Red Cross Activities, and other approved organizational gatherings or  meetings.   Please contact our administrative office if you are interested in exploring opportunities for use of our facilities. abingdon@abingdonchurch.org
NOTE: Approval for use of our facilities and grounds is based upon guidelines established in our church by-laws and will require approval by our Vestry.   To ensure ample time for this review process, please contact us as early as possible before your event.