Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Fellowship Gatherings

All Parish Breakfasts

Several times a year we gather for breakfast during our normal formation time (9:15-10:15).  These breakfast allow us to catch up with each other and sometimes we do a Bible study.


During the warm months we gather at home and parks on the waters of our area for kayaking, a potluck dinner and a brief Evening Prayer service.

Oyster Roast

In the fall we gather to share oysters and other delights.  Our proceeds provide support for our youth to go to church related events.


Pig Roast

In June we often have a pig roast.  It is a great time.


Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday

The night before Ash Wednesday we gather to eat pancakes and to have a festive time.  We hold a silent auction which produces about $3,000 for our outreach ministries.