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Special services

Special services require special preparation. If you are interested in Baptisms, Weddings, or Funerals please read the following summary and also call the rector.


Baptisms are scheduled as needed except during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Exceptionally good days for baptism are the Sunday in January celebrating the Baptism of our Lord, on Pentecost, on the day of the Bishop’s visit, and on All Saints Sunday in November. Parents and sponsors (Godparents) are expected to attend a pre-baptism meeting in the church on the Saturday immediately preceding the baptism date.


Either the bride or the groom, or a member of their immediate family, must be a member of Abingdon in order to be married in the church. The availability of the church for a wedding may be determined by calling the rector. Premarital counseling is required by the canons of the Episcopal Church. In the case of a divorced person who wishes to remarry, permission from the Bishop is required. There is a fee for weddings held in the church.


The priest is available for pastoral counseling before and at the time of death, and arrangements for funerals can be made then. There is no fee for funerals; however, the cost of the altar flowers, the services of the sexton, and any musician is expected. Members of Abingdon and their immediate family members may purchase the right to bury in the Abingdon grave yard. There are areas appropriate for full body burial as well as for the interment of cremated remains. Arrangements may be made at the time of need by the next of kin, or arrangements may be made ahead of need by contacting the Cemetery Committee.