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Outdoor Worship, In-Person worship beginning July 5.

Great news! We’ve been hungry for chances to be together in worship and this Sunday, July 5, we will begin offering an in-person outdoor worship service at 7:45am.  This will take place near the South doors (right side as you face the church).

By adhering to the following guidelines, we can safely gather outside until such time as our church is ready and able to regather indoors.  Online worship will continue to be offered at 9am.

Here are the guidelines to make this safe as well as joyful:

1) Bring your own chair.

2) Six feet apart – Household groups or solo individuals will be seated six feet apart. 

3) Hold the handshakes. For the time being, we acknowledge each other with waves or other warm gestures, but save the handshakes and hugs for when it is declared safe to do.

4) Cloth face masks keep our germs to ourselves – please do wear one!

5) We will give you a paper bulletin with all you need in it.  These can be recycled at the end of the service.

6) We won’t be indoors but bathrooms will be open if you need one during our worship.

7) Inclement weather?  We won’t worship.  If the forecast broadcast on WAVY-10 the day before calls for a 40% chance, or more, of rain for Sunday, we won’t worship.  Less than 40%, we will worship.  Watch the weather on that channel so you can plan.

8) Music – no singing, but Alisa will play a prelude and a postlude for the service that will be heard in our outdoor worship.

9) Use your judgement.  We all have different needs and abilities.  This outdoor worship might not be right for you.  We will continue to offer the service at 9am on Facebook and Youtube.

10)Distribution of the elements, no! (Sorry, friends. We miss it, too.)