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New to Worship at Abingdon?

Going to any church for the first time may feel a little strange. We want you to be able to relax, to feel welcome and able to participate as you choose. Here is a guide to some of what you might expect if you join us for a worship service at Abingdon. We hope you will feel comfortable enough to worship with us.

The Basics

Our colonial church has pew boxes. They are not reserved and you can sit anywhere you would like.

Sit, stand, or kneel?  At Abingdon, some stand while others kneel, so nothing you do is wrong. It's always appropriate to follow the example of those around you.

The Peace  This can be a particularly awkward moment for people who are newcomers or visitors. What we are doing is ritually enacting our need to be in right relationship with one another before we go to communion. We do that by saying “Peace be with you” to one another. People may shake hands or embrace each other. You can greet the people right around you. 

Communion  People generally come forward to stand or kneel at the altar to receive communion. Ushers will help guide you. This is a good time to watch what others are doing and follow their example. The official policy of the Episcopal Church is that anyone who has been baptized may receive communion. Others may come to the altar for a blessing. Gluten-free wafers and alcohol-free wine are available.